Networld Sports Donation

As you know WTC is open for sponsors and donations from all who want to promote tennis as a fun and exciting sport to play/learn. Recently, we have been in communication with Networld Sports, who deliver fantastic and high-quality sporting equipment. They have over 5000 products, 95% of which are their own brand. All over the world their products are helping clubs score better goals, swing better shots and hit better balls.

Networld Sports uses a brand called Vermont. They have a extensive tennis range including nets and posts, rackets and court equipment. Vermont tennis equipment is currently used at many of the worlds leading tournaments, including Wimbledon.

We have received a generous £200 donation of sporting equipment from Networld Sports and the Vermont Tennis Range which we are very thankful for. This includes Vermont’s Mini Red, Orange and Green Balls. Vermont’s Training Tennis Balls and their Green Sport Water Bottle.  

“It’s been great working with Wythall Tennis Club, we are happy to support the club with a range of equipment. We hope the club’s many players can get use out of the products”

Eva McMillan, Marketing Executive at Networld Sports

Networld Sports and The Vermont Tennis Range have helped us put a huge step in the right direction with our Junior Tennis Teams. We can’t wait to use these Vermont Training Balls in our coaching sessions and we hope this is just the beginning of a great relationship. If you would like to view the products Networld Sports make, please visit their website here.