Men’s Singles Ladder

The men’s singles ladder was created in lockdown for some friendly competition.

In 2021, 77 matches where played in total from July 1st 2021, so not a bad effort from all involved. In the final was Les Swaby and Craig Lock . Les beat Craig 6-1 6-2.  The match was a good watch and Craig gave his all but Les’s experience and technical ability saw him lift the Wythall’s Men’s Singles Ladder trophy for 2021! 

Hopefully with a few tweaks to the format we go again in March 2022.

The Knockout Rounds:

Ladder Rules:

🎾1. As it’s friendly competition the core aim is to first and foremost play as much tennis as possible, keeping fit and healthy. But this time your goal is to avoid the bottom 3, and again trying to finish as high as possible. Qualifying for the last 16, making it through the knockout stages and all the way to the final to be crowned champion!

🎾2. Exactly the same as last season every match is to be the best of 3 sets. For example : If you win 2.0 in sets, you win the match. If it’s 1.1 in sets it will be decided by an extended tiebreak (first to 10 points… to win by a clear 2 point margin). 

🎾3. Also the same as last season you’re allowed to challenge anyone 1, 2 or 3 places above yourself. You cannot challenge below.

🎾⬆️⬇️4. If the challenger wins he will move up and swap places with the loser. If the challenger loses, the positions will remain the same (as last season).

🎾5. The ladder will be updated in order of results coming in.