2020 Subscriptions…

Type of MemberInformationAnnual Cost
Full Senior Member Includes LTA fee, Floodlights and Balls. £145
Intermediate MemberBy Invitation only.£85
Student Member In FT education at 1st March and to be verified by KV.£85
Junior MemberUp-to and including 17 years.£42
Family Membership2 senior members plus juniors or a reduction of 10% for the second and subsequent members.£290
Off Peak Senior MemberRestricted playing times ..
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Off Peak Family MembershipRestricted playing times ..
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New Members – Are required to pay an additional £10 joining fee.

Juniors – If you wish to have a key to the court gate then one may be obtained on payment of £5 deposit. Please speak to a committee member.

Wythall Community Association – If not already a member of this association there is a £10 membership fee for anyone over the age of 18 years in respect of membership to the Wythall Community Association. This fee provides entry into the private park/grounds and entitlement to join clubs within the association. If you wish to join the WCA, you can visit their website here.

British Tennis – Membership offers benefits both to the club and to individuals, including the opportunity to enter the ballot for Wimbledon tickets. If you wish to become a member visit the LTA website for instant membership and enter your club as Wythall.

Half Annual Membership – This is for half the years subscription from 31st Aug until 1st March the following year. New members are still required to pay an additional £10 joining fee for their association membership to WCA.

Prospective Member – We provide a ‘Try before you buy’ offer to experience a taste of the club and our social tennis. Our Sunday afternoon social sessions are open to both members and prospective members alike. They run from 2pm and an introductory fee of £3 is applicable to non-members which is refundable upon joining the club. You can play up to 3 times in a season then you are required to join.

Guests – Members are allowed to bring guests. We charge £3 per person/guest and per visit which should be placed in the ‘Green Box’ or given to a committee member. Guests can play up to 3 times in a season. Guests are entitled to use all the club’s facilities. Members are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their guests. All guests have a responsibility to adhere to the rules of the club.

Court Hire – If you would like to hire a court it’s £7 per hour and £3 per person please contact our Club Captain, Kevin Turner on 07948396618 to arrange.