WTC’s Response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear All, 

The Wythall Tennis Club committee have been considering how to respond to the current situation and are keeping in touch with the LTA’s advice in response to government announcements. We are not closing the club to those who want to play tennis and can do so safely but we would say:

  • Be Sensible – If you have any symptoms or are in close contact with someone who does then avoid coming up to the club and passing it around.
  • Be safe – If you are in a vulnerable category or are feeling uncertain either avoid coming up altogether or chose times when there are few others around.
  • Be Active – It is important for ongoing health that you maintain physical activity and tennis is a good way to do this in an open environment.


Kevin and Alex have cancelled junior coaching for the time being in line with LTA advice.

Social Club Tennis

The normal Club times on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and on Sunday afternoons are continuing.


The En-Tout-CAS tournament that is in process will continue for now but if anyone wishes to withdraw that is fine. Please let us know. Assuming there are enough people to continue we will proceed and have the final on the planned date but this is subject to change as the situation develops.

Our next Sunday tournament is due on the 19th April (Charity American) and we will review the situation at the end of March.

We will continue with the Over 50’s tournaments for now – the list is still up for people to enter. But we will be flexible over when games get played and there is no fixed date for the finals.

Wimbledon draw

It makes sense to arrange for only a small group of people to be present for the Wimbledon draw, which is also on 19th April.  If you have put your name down then please consider letting Deborah have a list of your preferences on the tickets available rather than being present in person.


Please be particularly thoughtful about hygiene during this time. Thank you to Deborah’s husband for installing paper towel facilities in the toilets rather than having a shared towel. Posters are around the club to encourage all members to wash your hands and to be vigilant. 

If anyone has any questions or concerns do get in touch.

​Kind Regards,

Chris Maggs

WTC Chairman