Wythall Community Association

Wythall Community Association (WCA) is a Registered Charity (No: 24332). It originated in the 1940’s with the purpose of providing leisure facilities for the residents of Wythall and the surrounding areas.

Did you know… there are 2 membership schemes available for you, either Associate or Club Membership. The £10 Association fee which we ask for allows you to enter the private park and use our club but not Wythall House. So it only allows you to be an associate member but not a full member.

You can join the association and become a full member for just £45 for 3 years with an individual membership. Wythall Community Club, is located within Wythall House. They offer a family/friendly atmosphere, a range of facilities, award winning ales and great social events. The Club’s objectives are to provide opportunities for recreation and social interaction; to encourage good fellowship and activities beneficial to members of the Wythall community. Click this here to find out about membership…

If you have any questions or query’s, WCA are open to talk on 01564 823281 or you can fill out their contact form here, or even just pop in for a chat and a drink.