Membership Defer 2021

Dear members,

We remain in full lockdown as far as tennis is concerned. The current expectation is that on 22 February the Government will set out its plan for how the lockdown will be eased but the timetable is likely to be uncertain. While we remain in this situation it does not seem right to ask you to renew your membership from 1 March as we normally do. Instead we will defer the membership renewal until we know when we can start playing again.

Most of our Club’s costs remain payable during lockdown and we really appreciate the continued financial support of our members. But we do want to find the right balance when it comes to this year’s renewal so once we know when play can resume we’ll look at the annual renewal costs and let you know the position.

One other thing to mention is that when we do start back we plan to trial an online booking system. More details to come but we hope this will be a helpful development once we get used to it.

We look forward to getting back to tennis soon but in the meantime stay safe and take care.

The WTC Committee