Court 4 Initiative

The eagle-eyed members would have noticed that court 4 has been available to book during club hours and coaching. This is no mistake, your not seeing things!

We decided to have a trial period of court 4 being open for both off-peak and full members to book.

Our aim with this initiative was to be fair to all members. To allow off-peak members the chance to book a court during club times in-turn this will help different members mix and socialise together. We know it can be daunting for new members to find other members to play with and we hope this will help. We wanted to make sure that all members can book a court if needed and that there is one free court available to do this.

So from this successful trial period we have decided to continue with this court 4 initiative. This means we can offer at least one court (court 4 only) for both off-peak and full members to book during weekdays and weekends.

Please note: Saturday Pay & Play will still have all 4 courts as this session is open to members and non-members and numbers can vary week on week. Also Sunday afternoons will still have 4 courts due to being a popular club session.

Happy Playing…