Coronavirus Restrictions Update – 12th May 2020

You will be aware that part of the relaxation of restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on Sunday 10th May was about exercise and sporting facilities. We have now received guidance from the LTA based on the more detailed Government information released on Monday 11th May. This does allow some tennis to be played but it is up to you to decide whether you wish to do so.

Clearly, we are still in a difficult stage of balancing more activity with protecting the community from the risk of infection so please adhere to the following if you decide to play tennis.

šŸŽ¾ Doubles can only be played by members of the same household. Otherwise all play must be singles. This is an LTA requirement.

šŸŽ¾ We want to restrict people going through the clubhouse as much as possible. If you have a key to the court gate then it is better to access the courts that way to avoid touching other surfaces. If you enter the clubhouse that should be for access to the courts only. You should not assume the clubhouse is contamination free.

šŸŽ¾ If possible, bring your own balls and keep them with you for your next game.

šŸŽ¾ Wash your hands thoroughly before playing and afterwards. If you have hand sanitiser with you that is ideal. You may also like to wear gloves. Avoid touching your face with your hands.

šŸŽ¾ Keep to the social distancing restrictions before and after the game. If there are other people playing then avoid using courts next to each other.

šŸŽ¾ There will be no organised club evenings or tournaments so it is up to you to contact someone if you want to play against them.

šŸŽ¾ Coaching sessions continue to be suspended and Alex is not doing 1:1 coaching at this stage.

We may have to review the situation at short notice if the Government’s position changes but will try to keep you informed.

Stay safe and keep alert.

Chris Maggs,